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Dog sniff at traffic stop leads to three arrested for drugs

When most people think of a traffic stop, the probably think of a driver being pulled over for speeding or some other obvious traffic offense. While the police here in Cleveland and elsewhere in Ohio do stop drivers for those violations, traffic stops provide police a large opportunity to engage in more serious criminal law enforcement.

Often during a traffic stop, police will discover something that leads to more serious charges. They may notice a driver appears intoxicated, with bloodshot eyes and smelling of alcohol. Or they notice what appear to be drugs or drug paraphernalia in a vehicle. Many police engage in pretext stops, where the officer claims a brake light is out or the driver failed to signal a turn, but the real motivation is to get a closer look at the driver and the vehicle.

In a recent incident, the driver was recognized as "known person" and that there was an active warrant for his arrest. This led to the stop. During the stop, they found drugs on his person. To allow for a broader search, the brought in a drug-sniffing dog.

The dog "alerted" to indicate drugs in the vehicle, and police found drugs on the other passenger. A pat-down search of the rear-seat passenger discovered no drugs, but a later search of her vaginal cavity produced heroin capsules.

While the search found drugs in this case, chances are the dog would likely have indicated their presence whether or not there were any in the vehicle. One of the problems with drug sniffing dogs is they are often more tuned to the queues of their handlers than they are to the scent of the drugs they are supposed to identify.

Some studies have found that in many cases these dogs are no more accurate than a coin toss, as the dogs often learn that they are rewarded with a treat for "indicating," so of course, they are inclined to "indicate."

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