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February 2017 Archives

Were you accused of embezzlement?

Embezzlement falls under the category of white collar crime. White collar crimes are non-violent in nature, committed for financial gain, and they generally involve deceit. In addition to tax evasion, money laundering, securities fraud and general fraud, embezzlement is one of the most common white collar offenses that Ohio residents might face.

Ballot initiative begun for crime victims in Ohio

Victims of crimes are generally sympathetic. The problem with that sympathy is that it motivates people to choose to do things that in the absence of that sympathy they would be unlikely to consider. A new amendment to the Ohio Constitution has been proposed that would, in the words of the news report, "give crime victims the same rights as accused or convicted of crimes."

Why should you call an attorney for a DUI charge in Ohio

If you have been charged with drunk driving (DUI) or "operating vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs" (OVI) as it is known in Ohio, you need to take the charge seriously and speak with an attorney who handles drunk driving defense cases. An OVI charge carries various penalties, depending on whether it is your first offense or if you have any previous convictions on your record.

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