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Were you accused of embezzlement?

Embezzlement falls under the category of white collar crime. White collar crimes are non-violent in nature, committed for financial gain, and they generally involve deceit. In addition to tax evasion, money laundering, securities fraud and general fraud, embezzlement is one of the most common white collar offenses that Ohio residents might face.

Let's say you came into the office one day and discovered someone has been using your computer. The person had logged in under your name, accessed company business accounts and transferred millions of dollars in cash to a foreign bank account overseas. You weren't sure what to make of it, so you told your boss what happened.

The reaction from your boss wasn't what you expected. Pretty soon, the police are interviewing you, then they handcuff you and take you to jail.

What now? You're facing multi-million-dollar embezzlement charges and you don't know what to do.

You'll have your day in court

Ohio residents need to remember that, no matter what crimes authorities are accusing them of, they will have the right to a criminal defense. Furthermore, no court will view you as guilty or punish you for an alleged crime until - and only if - the prosecution proves you to be guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

Since the burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt is on the prosecution, it might be more difficult than you think to convict you of the crime. The prosecution must establish a firm paper trail that it was indeed you who transferred the money, and that you intentionally committed the crime. In the meantime, it will be your job as the defendant to cast doubt upon the prosecution's version of the facts.

Even if a conviction is likely, a criminal defense can help

Even in embezzlement cases, where the prosecution will likely secure a verdict of guilty, there is hope for a criminal defendant. For example, you might be able to negotiate a plea bargain deal in which you plead guilty to one or more offenses in exchange for a dramatic reduction in the severity of your punishments.

Ultimately, by discussing the facts surrounding your case with an Ohio criminal defense lawyer, you can gain deeper insight into the nature of your allegations and the most appropriate criminal defense techniques to use during your criminal proceedings.

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