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March 2017 Archives

Criminal charges against teens are no joke

It should not come as a surprise to anyone that young people make mistakes. They don't have the maturity to understand the long-term consequences of actions, and they are often quite willing to take risks and test boundaries. In many cases, these characteristics lead to little more than some embarrassing mistakes.

Why police lie

Because they can get away with it. In the days before cellphones with video capability, during most citizen-officer interactions, if there was any dispute over what transpired between the officer and the individual they stopped, in the vast majority of cases, would be resolved in favor of the officer's version of events.

Behind bars, some innocent people are living out fears

The argument that the criminal justice system is faulty can be viewed as un-American. However, the idea that justice should prevail is a very American value. Therefore, identifying sources of injustice is important in order to solidify the foundation of a strong country. 

How not to deal with a DUI

When an individual has been arrested for multiple DUI/OVIs, there is often in the media outrage, with the subtext that the reason the individual reoffended is because the punishment was not severe enough the first time. While it may be that a young or underage driver may be "scared straight" after a single, serious error of judgment, for adults, multiple DUI/OVIs are likely an indicator of a serious chemical dependency problem.

Recidivism and sex offenders

The recent tragic death of an Ohio State student allegedly by a released sex offender has made headline news. The consequence of this act is likely to resonate loudly in the halls of the Ohio legislature. These types of high-profile cases can reshape the law, often for the wrong reasons and often with negative consequences.

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