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Behind bars, some innocent people are living out fears

The argument that the criminal justice system is faulty can be viewed as un-American. However, the idea that justice should prevail is a very American value. Therefore, identifying sources of injustice is important in order to solidify the foundation of a strong country. 

One source of injustice that we discuss on our Ohio criminal defense site is eyewitness testimony. Sure, a witness to an alleged crime might not want to tell a lie, but the proven weakness in eyewitness testimony doesn't lie in intention; rather, it lies in actual science and the human limits of those who think they are helping solve crimes.

The Innocence Project reports that more than 300 people have been freed from incarceration after DNA tests proved they were innocent of crimes for which they were convicted. In about 70 percent of those cases, eyewitness testimony contributed to the innocent person's conviction. Some of these wrongful convictions and later exonerations occurred here in Ohio.

These statistics underscore the importance of an aggressive and skilled criminal defense if you have been accused of a crime. You need someone who can challenge eyewitness testimony effectively because they understand how human weakness can lead to false identifications of suspects. 

What are those weaknesses among eyewitness that can threaten an innocent person's freedom? People will trust too much in their vision, when the distance that was between them and a suspect was too far to result in an accurate identification. In many cases, poor lighting can also inhibit an accurate ID. The limits and creative flair of human memory can also play dangerous tricks in terms of creating false identifications. 

Have you been wrongfully accused of a crime in Ohio? If so, act quickly and wisely. Work with an established criminal defense lawyer who can try to protect you from the threat of a sometimes faulty legal system.

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