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November 2016 Archives

Authorities file drug charges, claim several pounds of meth found

An official raid recently went down in Ohio that resulted in authorities claiming to have seized a substantial amount of drugs, packaging materials and other items. They claim to have seized several pounds of methamphetamine and cocaine. Authorities have since filed drug charges in connection with the incident.

Marijuana charges in Ohio are serious business

Even though Ohio has passed a decriminalization law, those who possess, use and manufacture marijuana still risk citation, arrest and prosecution. While people in Ohio are allowed to possess or cultivate as many as 100 grams of marijuana and can gift 20 grams to another person, law enforcement in the state still regularly cites people for possession.

Avoiding drunk driving problems during the holidays

Another grand holiday season will soon be upon Ohio residents and others throughout the nation. While many will enjoy family gatherings and celebrations with work colleagues and friends, others will find themselves facing drunk driving charges if they imbibe alcohol, then get pulled over in traffic stops. Not all who are accused go on to be convicted. Many times, a positive outcome hinges upon experienced and aggressive defense assistance.

Drug OVI charges likely to occur any time of the day

Alcohol use and overuse, which can lead to an OVI charge for drunk driving in Ohio, typically occur in a social setting. Looking at a chart of alcohol-related vehicle crashes that occur during the week, they spike late Friday and Saturday nights. This is not surprising and many law enforcement agencies in Ohio will target these times for the most intense OVI enforcement.

Ohio now will supply breath testing device data to attorneys

When you are arrested in Ohio for drunk driving or DUI charge, that charge may be based on a breath test performed on an Intoxilyzer 8000. This machine has been mired in controversy for years, with many critics claiming it is unreliable and produces inaccurate results.

Ohio sobriety checkpoints not always that effective

Sobriety checkpoints are permitted in Ohio. In most circumstances, law enforcement is not allowed to randomly stop individuals without reasonable suspicion of criminal activity or probable cause for an arrest. "Dragnets" are forbidden by the U.S. Constitution except in rare circumstances and the U.S. Supreme Court has authorized sobriety checkpoints due to the grave risk that drunk drivers present to all other motorists.

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