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December 2016 Archives

Ohio sheriff's deputy facing third set of drunk driving charges

A sheriff's deputy in Cleveland has been arrested for his third alleged drunk driving offense. The man, who has previous drunk driving convictions dating back to 1994 and 2007, is employed in the transportation unit of the Cuyahoga County Sheriff's Department. He was arrested for the alleged drunk driving violation after striking another vehicle during an illegal passing maneuver. Officers say that the defendant failed both field sobriety and breath tests. The defendant is currently on administrative leave from his job.

Ohio uses familial DNA to identify suspect for the first time

The use of DNA in criminal cases is well known. Police routinely look for blood or other organic evidence from crime scenes to be used to identify criminal suspects as well as victims. DNA is made up of chromosomes and is generally unique to every individual. This uniqueness allows individuals to be identified with a high degree of accuracy. It has also been used to exonerate many who were wrongly convicted.

Ignition interlocks for first-time offenders in Ohio

Ohio's senate has passed a bill that if signed by the governor would make ignition interlock devices mandatory for first-time offenders who want to avoid a license suspension after an OVI conviction. The legislature has passed the bill, which adds Ohio to the list of 29 states that offer ignition interlocks as a means of reducing recidivism among drivers who have had their licenses suspended as a result of an OVI offense.

With embezzlement, the charges can really add up

Embezzlement sometimes seems like such an unthreatening offense. There is no holdup, break-in or armed robbery. There typically isn't even a weapon, beyond a computer and a spreadsheet. Unlike many theft crimes, this one often involves a woman who is an administrative assistant or an accountant. In many cases, the "crime" occurs weekly or monthly, sometimes stretching for years.

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