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If someone steals your heroin, what's the last thing to do?

Sometimes, people do strange things when their lives are in disarray. That's probably what makes it amusing to read about people committing crimes and then doing the one thing most likely to draw the attention of the authorities, right?

We don't mean to make light of crime, of course, but a Bath Township man recently had a disconnect between the concept of illegal activity and the reality. According to News 5 Cleveland, he called the police seeking an investigation of his allegedly stolen heroin.

"Dispatchers take all type of calls. This is one of the most bizarre that I've heard," said Police Chief Mike McNeely.

According to a police report, a 20-year-old man called 911 asked for a police dog to be sent round.

"You need a police dog?" asked the operator. "What's going on there?"

The young man answered, "She stole heroin from me."

Only later, when police arrived on the scene, did it become clear whom he was accusing, but naturally that didn't matter very much. It was the admission that the man had been in possession of heroin that the police were hoping for.

Unfortunately for the young man, they got more than that. The officers couldn't help but be surprised when the man pulled "a brown waxy substance" out of his pocket. He officers seized the substance, which is being tested by the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation.

It sounds like his heroin hadn't been stolen after all.

Now, let's take this seriously. A lot of people have been using heroin because they were prescribed opioid painkillers, got addicted, and then got cut off. If you've been accused of using heroin or another controlled substance, you need help. This young man is charged with a felony. Make sure you protect your rights by hiring a quality criminal defense lawyer.

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