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Records: Doctor wrote Prince a prescription under another name

It only makes sense that one of the rules for prescriptions is that they must be written out in the name of the patient who will be taking the medication. Believe it or not, though, that doesn't always happen.

In fact, recently released documents from the inquiry into Prince's death show that it happened to the star. Shortly before his death, a family physician prescribed oxycodone for the 57-year-old entertainer but wrote out the scrip in a friend's name "for Prince's privacy."

The doctor disputes that he ever prescribed opioids to Prince, who apparently became addicted to the painkillers before he died of a fentanyl overdose last year.

If he did write a prescription for oxycodone intended for Prince, he wouldn't be the first doctor to disguise a celebrity patient's name to protect their privacy. According to a Los Angeles attorney who represented the doctor in the Anna Nicole Smith overdose case, it happens all the time.

"They would be indicting every pharmacist in Beverly Hills if this were strictly enforced," she told reporters.

A spokesperson for the DEA pointed out that criminal prosecution isn't the limit of consequences a doctor might face for misdirecting a prescription. The state medical board could discipline the physician and he or she could also lose their DEA registration which allows them to prescribe prescription drugs.

It doesn't seem likely that this particular doctor will be prosecuted, however. A local lawyer who is not associated with the case gauged it a low-level offense that likely would result in substantial jail time. The reason is that the investigators are focused on how Prince came to have fentanyl, and unusually strong opioid.

"The oxycodone in this case is only tangential to the whole case," he said. "If this was a fentanyl script, oh boy, it would be a totally different situation. ... The real meat and potatoes is going to be that fentanyl thing."

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