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Synthetic drugs like Flakka can cause legal trouble

Many people think of synthetic drugs as safer or more legal than the already banned substances that they supposedly mimic. Teenagers and college students often experiment with drugs like herbal incense or Molly.

In general, they believe that because they can buy these items on a website or in a gas station, they are legal and more likely to be safe than the prohibited substances that they replace, marijuana and Ecstasy. Unfortunately, synthetic drugs are neither safer nor more legal than their Schedule I counterparts. Retail shops may be offering them for purchase, but it is not truly legal to buy them.

One of the other major appeals of these substances is that their different chemical makeup allows for their users to cheat drug tests. However, drug tests have also become more thorough, making it easier for law enforcement, employers and others to detect traces of the active compounds in various synthetic drugs or their metabolites.

If you or someone you know has been arrested or charged with possession or the sale of synthetic drugs, you could be facing very serious felony charges.

Ohio has banned many popular synthetic drugs

The state of Ohio has already taken steps to ban many of the most popular active compounds in various synthetic drugs, like herbal incense/Spice, Flakka, Molly and bath salts. Unfortunately, the unscrupulous people who make these products can easily make minor changes to the chemical compounds and seemingly skirt the law. Law makers in Ohio and at the Federal level are taking steps to expand the list of banned chemicals, including a large number of so-called research chemicals which are used as the active ingredients in synthetic drugs.

Of course, it's important to know that Federal law has already banned all synthetic drugs. Under the Federal Analog Act, any compound or substance meant to reproduce the effects of a banned substance is also illegal. You may have thought that buying the chemicals directly from a Chinese wholesaler was a better idea than buying retail products of unknown origin. However, the government could intercept your mail, and you could end up charged with a serious federal or state drug offense just for ordering these chemicals.

Defend against synthetic drug charges

When you're facing any kind of drug charge, you need experienced legal help. A felony or federal drug charge could follow you for the rest of your life. The best chance for a positive outcome if you're facing criminal charges related to synthetic drugs is to contact an experienced Ohio criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

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