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May 2017 Archives

Geek Squad turns gynecologic oncologist's image over to the FBI

"Geek Squad does not work for the FBI and never has," said a spokesperson for Best Buy, which owns the Geek Squad. Instead, the company says, it only turns over materials to the FBI when a crime is inadvertently discovered.

Liberals, Tea Party: Ohio's Internet harassment law unconstitutional

A law meant to prevent online harassment and stalking may be struck down as overly broad, if a bipartisan group of political commentators has its way. The law was passed last year in response to a family's complaint that a neighbor had set up a website intentionally meant to harass, stalk and threaten them. They were told by police that nothing could be done.

Ohio Supreme Court: Warrantless backpack search was acceptable

The question of whether law enforcement has the right to search through people's belongings without their permission is at the core of our Fourth Amendment right to be free of unreasonable search and seizure. The baseline position is that, in order for a search to be reasonable, police need a search warrant, the person's consent, or another reason that furthers a compelling government interest without being unduly burdensome to the individual.

Court: Cleveland's gun laws fail due to conflict with state law

The Ohio Court of Appeals has just ruled that Cleveland's 2015 ordinances meant to restrict gun violence are unconstitutional. The reason is that the Ohio Constitution, like that of the United States, holds that state laws are superior to local ones. Local laws may only augment the protections of state law and the state constitution, but local laws cannot be opposite to state laws.

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