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Drug Charges Archives

How is possession of drug paraphernalia determined?

Ohioans who are arrested for drug offenses do not necessarily have to have the actual drug on them to face charges. They can also face legal issues because of the possession of drug paraphernalia. Many of the items that are used in conjunction with drugs are of the basic household variety for which there is a perfectly rational explanation for having them. Understanding how law enforcement and the courts can determine whether an item is classified as drug paraphernalia can be the key to a case and lodging a successful defense when placed under arrest.

Is Ecstasy a Schedule 1 drug?

Ohio residents who educate themselves on the severity of potential punishments related to various drugs are better equipped to avoid high schedule drugs, and avoid getting into trouble. This article will describe various criminal substances and how they're classified by the federal government under the Controlled Substances Act (CSA).

Dog sniff at traffic stop leads to three arrested for drugs

When most people think of a traffic stop, the probably think of a driver being pulled over for speeding or some other obvious traffic offense. While the police here in Cleveland and elsewhere in Ohio do stop drivers for those violations, traffic stops provide police a large opportunity to engage in more serious criminal law enforcement.

Ohio Good Samaritan law may not protect against drug charges

Laws throughout the state of Ohio that are designed to protect people reporting drug overdoses may actually lead to unfair prosecution, according to legal experts. Authorities say that the drug charges are stemming from so-called "Good Samaritan" laws, remain a mystery to prosecutors and may actually prevent concerned citizens from calling 911. Each county in Ohio is responsible for figuring out how to implement the law, which is designed to protect those who act in good faith to help in the event of an overdose.

Authorities file drug charges, claim several pounds of meth found

An official raid recently went down in Ohio that resulted in authorities claiming to have seized a substantial amount of drugs, packaging materials and other items. They claim to have seized several pounds of methamphetamine and cocaine. Authorities have since filed drug charges in connection with the incident.

Marijuana charges in Ohio are serious business

Even though Ohio has passed a decriminalization law, those who possess, use and manufacture marijuana still risk citation, arrest and prosecution. While people in Ohio are allowed to possess or cultivate as many as 100 grams of marijuana and can gift 20 grams to another person, law enforcement in the state still regularly cites people for possession.

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