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Drunk Driving Archives

What are the three standard field sobriety tests?

When a motorist in Ohio is pulled over by police on suspicion of drunk driving, he or she may be asked to perform a field sobriety test. Unfortunately, these tests can be difficult to pass, even if a driver is sober, much less when he or she is under the stress of being pulled over. It is important to know what to expect.

DUI arrest may lead to homicide charge

As most Ohioans realize, drunk driving is a crime that is punishable by a range of penalties that depend upon the driver's prior driving record. What is not always so obvious is how quickly a drunk driving incident can be converted into a far more serious crime. This phenomenon was demonstrated over the Fourth of July weekend in Malvern when a driver lost control of his car and plowed into three girls who were standing on the sidewalk.

What does 'implied consent' mean in Ohio?

Ohio drivers frequently hear the term "implied consent," but few have a proper understanding of the term. Because the term is poorly understood, people frequently make the wrong choice when asked to undergo a test to determine whether they have operated a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. Drunk driving can be a serious crime in Ohio, and the implied consent law is one method of enabling police to enforce the law.

Man charged with drunk driving after hit-and-run of bicyclists

Being arrested and charged with any drunk driving charges in Cleveland can lead to significant penalties. This is true even if the driver was not in an accident and found himself or herself confronted with other allegations along with drunk driving. If there is a crash, people might be hurt. It is possible that the driver will try to flee the scene. These acts can raise the charges from a DUI offense to much more. Regardless, whether it is a DUI stop and arrest or something worse, it is essential to have legal assistance to plan for a defense.

Why police lie

Because they can get away with it. In the days before cellphones with video capability, during most citizen-officer interactions, if there was any dispute over what transpired between the officer and the individual they stopped, in the vast majority of cases, would be resolved in favor of the officer's version of events.

How not to deal with a DUI

When an individual has been arrested for multiple DUI/OVIs, there is often in the media outrage, with the subtext that the reason the individual reoffended is because the punishment was not severe enough the first time. While it may be that a young or underage driver may be "scared straight" after a single, serious error of judgment, for adults, multiple DUI/OVIs are likely an indicator of a serious chemical dependency problem.

Ballot initiative begun for crime victims in Ohio

Victims of crimes are generally sympathetic. The problem with that sympathy is that it motivates people to choose to do things that in the absence of that sympathy they would be unlikely to consider. A new amendment to the Ohio Constitution has been proposed that would, in the words of the news report, "give crime victims the same rights as accused or convicted of crimes."

Why should you call an attorney for a DUI charge in Ohio

If you have been charged with drunk driving (DUI) or "operating vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs" (OVI) as it is known in Ohio, you need to take the charge seriously and speak with an attorney who handles drunk driving defense cases. An OVI charge carries various penalties, depending on whether it is your first offense or if you have any previous convictions on your record.

Change in cause of death may lead to reduced OVI charges

Criminal charges are dependent on evidence. A prosecutor must prove the elements of a charge beyond a reasonable doubt. If one of the elements of a crime is missing or is not proven, the case against a suspect typically fails. This is why in cases involving drugs, questions are often raised concerning how the police obtained the drugs, and sometimes, whether the substances are even illegal drugs.

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