Protecting Your Driver’s License

Protecting Your Driver’s License

To a great degree, our entire culture is based on cars. If you can’t drive legally to get to work or school, or other places you need to go, it has a major impact on your life.That is why you need legal help to protect your license or get it back. If your driving privileges are at risk or have already been suspended, Edward R. La Rue, Attorney at Law, can help you defend or seek to regain them. He is a former prosecutor who has honed his skills handling numerous impaired driving or traffic violation cases involving license suspension issues. To arrange a free initial consultation, call 216-539-0687 or 866-730-6509. Based in Cleveland, he serves clients throughout Northeastern Ohio.

How Long Does a License Suspension Last?

In Ohio, a driver’s license can be suspended for many different reasons. Being convicted of operating a vehicle while impaired (OVI) by alcohol or drug is certainly one of them. But there are certainly others such as getting a certain number of points against your license through traffic violations. You can also be subject to an administrative license suspension (ALS) for refusing to take a chemical test of your blood alcohol content (BAC) after being pulled over on suspicion of DUI.

The length of a suspension depends a lot on what exactly the suspension was for. If this was your first OVI offense, you could get your license back within 90 days. If you had previous convictions, however, the period will likely be longer.

Keep in mind, however, that it is possible to appeal a license suspension. It is also possible to seek a temporary hardship license to drive to work or school. As an experienced criminal defense lawyer, Mr. La Rue will advocate for you intelligently and aggressively throughout the process as you seek to defend or regain your driver’s license.

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