Internet Sex Crimes

Internet Sex Crimes Defense Statewide

If you are accused of committing an Internet sex crime, the ramifications could be life-altering. Substantial prison time and hefty fines are regularly handed down, particularly when the best defense is not sought out. The best investment you can make is to hire an experienced sex crimes defense attorney.

For more than 25 years, trial lawyer Edward R. La Rue has focused exclusively in criminal law. He served as a local prosecutor before starting his criminal defense practice. Mr. La Rue understands firsthand how law enforcement works in developing a case against you, whether they be federal, state or local authorities. If retained, he will apply his skills and legal resources focused on staying ahead of the prosecution.

Call his law office today at 216-539-0687 or toll free at 866-730-6509 to schedule a free initial consultation with this highly skilled defense lawyer. Our Cleveland law firm is committed to defending clients facing Internet sex crime charges statewide.

Pushing Back Against the Charges

Federal and state authorities are under a lot of pressure to prosecute Internet sex crimes. When the stakes against you are high, entrust our law firm to develop a strong defense strategy against sex crimes charges, including Internet sex crimes allegations, such as:

  • Pandering obscenity
  • Possession of child pornography
  • Distribution of child pornography
  • Online solicitation of a minor
  • Internet exploitation of children
  • Illegal use of a minor in nudity-oriented material or performance

Mr. La Rue will act quickly to develop a thorough investigation focused on uncovering any gaps in the prosecution’s evidence, violations of your constitutional rights or evidence that can be used in your favor. If you are accused of online solicitation, he will evaluate the evidence against you to determine if law enforcement used any illegal tactics when posing online as minors. Mr. La Rue will pursue all appropriate defense strategies based on any illegal or questionable police activity, lack of evidence, constitutional challenges, technical defenses, etc.

Attorney La Rue also has access to network specialists and computer experts available to help him investigate the evidence against you, if you are suspected of involvement with child pornography. Familiarity with, and an eye for, the best defense strategy going forward is the hallmark of Mr. La Rue’s representation. When you select our law firm, you can be confident that he will take every measure possible to develop a strong defense strategy and mitigate any potential penalties.

Contact an Experienced Defense Lawyer

If you are facing online solicitation allegations or child pornography charges, you need the help of an experienced trial lawyer. You need Edward R. La Rue. Call our law firm at 866-730-6509 or locally at 216-539-0687 to arrange a free consultation. Or, if you prefer, complete the online form. After-hours phone calls and messages will be promptly returned, and Mr. La Rue offers off-site visits as needed.

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