Internet Crimes

Skilled Defense Against Computer Crime Charges

Internet CrimesState and federal authorities devote substantial resources to prosecuting individuals and businesses facing computer-based criminal charges. If you are under investigation, enlist an attorney experienced in defending clients against computer-based fraud and other related Internet charges.

Defense attorney Edward R. La Rue offers more than 25 years of criminal law experience. Before focusing exclusively on criminal defense, he served as a prosecutor in Cleveland. He knows firsthand how the other side works.

Call our law firm today to schedule a free initial consultation with an experienced Ohio computer crimes lawyer. Our law firm is committed to defending clients statewide accused of committing Internet crimes.

When you select our law firm, you can feel confident that Mr. La Rue will apply his years of experience and legal skills focused on staying ahead of the prosecution. His top priority is to protect your rights with an aggressive defense strategy.

What Have You Been Charged With?

If federal, state or local authorities have contacted you, obtain experienced legal counsel. Practice your right to remain silent. A seemingly minor detail conveyed to law enforcement could suddenly make you the target of a full-fledged criminal investigation. Entrust attorney La Rue to protect your best interests.

As a former prosecutor, attorney La Rue knows how to develop an effective defense strategy against computer-based white collar charges, including:

  • Consumer fraud
  • Bank fraud
  • Identity theft
  • Illegal file sharing
  • Computer hacking
  • eBay fraud scams

Computer-based fraud and related Internet crimes are particularly challenging when prosecuted at the federal level. Attorney La Rue’s investigative skills are invaluable in helping you develop a strong defense strategy. He has access to industry-leading experts, including network specialists and Internet experts available to evaluate the evidence against you.

As a legal team, we can track the data on your computer to determine if someone else hacked into your operating system or potentially downloaded information without your knowledge. Our law firm will take every measure possible to protect your freedom, by whatever means are available, based on the facts and the applicable law.

Contact an Experienced Defense Attorney Today

If you are facing white collar computer-based charges, you need the help of an experienced trial lawyer. You need Edward R. La Rue. Contact our law firm to schedule a free initial consultation. You can reach us at 866-730-6509 or locally at 216-539-0687. Or, if you prefer, complete the online form. After-hours phone calls and messages will be promptly returned, and Mr. La Rue offers off-site visits as needed.

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