Sex Crimes

Strong Defense Against Sex Crime Charges

If you are accused of child molestation, sexual battery, rape or another sex-related crime, your freedom, your reputation and your future are at stake. You could potentially be facing years in prison, loss of your job and separation from your minor children, as well as years of registration as a sex offender.With such serious consequences on the line, you need the best possible defense. If you are in the Cleveland area or anywhere in Ohio, that defense is offered by Cleveland sex crimes defense attorney Edward R. La Rue. For a free initial consultation, call his office today at 216-539-0687 or toll free at 866-730-6509.

Why Having a Former Prosecutor on Your Side Makes Sense

Mr. La Rue is a highly respected criminal defense lawyer with more than 25 years of trial experience — he offers a long track record of success for his clients in and outside of the courtroom.

As a former prosecutor, defense attorney La Rue has the insight and skill to predict prosecution strategies, assess gaps in law enforcement’s investigation, and uncover evidence that can be used in his clients’ favor. He prides himself on thorough investigation, persuasive negotiation and passionate trial presentation. You can put him to work on your case today.

Notable Cases:

  • State of Ohio v. Anthony Shelton , CR-401969 (Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas).
    Edward R. La Rue obtained a not guilty verdict for all charges in a 13-count indictment related to the [alleged] rape of a 12 year old, charges that would have resulted in a life sentence without parole had the defendant been convicted.
  • State of Ohio v. Rasmieh Salti , Case No. CR-523777, before the Honorable Timothy J. McGinty.
    Twenty-three felony charges that held the potential for life sentences of incarceration (without parole), including eight counts of rape, seven counts of child endangering, one count of gross sexual imposition and seven counts of kidnapping alleged by a minor child against her stepmother were alldismissed by the state of Ohio with the defendant’s plea of guilty to one misdemeanor count of child endangering.
  • State of Ohio v. Blake Cruz , Case No. CR-422743.
    Mr. La Rue obtained a not guilty verdict on charges of two counts of gross sexual imposition and two counts of unlawful sexual conduct with a minor.
  • State of Ohio v. Victor Keshishian , Case No. CR-434070.
    Mr. La Rue obtained not guilty verdicts on all charges, including rape, kidnapping with sexual motivation specifications and gross sexual imposition counts against an alleged victim who was a local John Carroll University scholarship recipient.

You Can Benefit From Our Defense Attorney’s Years of Trial Experience

The law office of Edward R. La Rue, Attorney at Law, offers an aggressive defense strategy against a wide range of sex crimes charges, including:

  • Rape and date rape
  • Sexual battery and sexual assault
  • Child molestation and unlawful sexual conduct with a minor
  • Child pornography and online solicitation
  • Corruption of a minor
  • Public indecency
  • Gross sexual imposition
  • Importuning
  • Child enticement
  • Pandering obscenity

Make sure your rights are protected. Your freedom may depend on the outcome of your case. Sex crimes defense attorney La Rue has the skills and legal resources to develop the most effective defense strategy possible. If a conviction is unavoidable, he will seek to mitigate potential penalties through his effective negotiation skills.

Contact a Highly Skilled Cuyahoga County Sex Crimes Defense Attorney

The office of Edward R. La Rue, Attorney at Law, is here to offer aggressive and skilled representation to clients facing sex-related charges. For a free initial consultation, call his law firm or complete the online form.

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