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4 Misconceptions That Can Lead To A Poor Defense

Edited by Edward La Rue

In an interview featured on some of the ABC networks I revealed misconceptions about criminal defense lawyers that may result in people receiving a poor defense.

Unfortunately, many people charged with a criminal offense don’t seek legal counsel from defense attorneys to get the help they need to build a strong defense due to several widespread misconceptions.

Many people are discouraged from hiring an attorney because they think that good criminal defense attorneys are too pricey.

Not all great criminal defense attorneys require that you dig deep in your pockets. The measure of a good lawyer is not by the price tag but how much experience and success they have had.

Another common belief held by the public is that all criminal defense attorneys are the same.

Just like any other profession, criminal attorneys vary by education level and experience and even have their own areas of expertise. Their level of competency leads to different success rates, making it all the more important to thoroughly question a potential lawyer before hiring them.

I added that when searching for the right legal counsel, make sure to ask about the experience an attorney has had with similar charges levied against previous clients.

Many of those who have criminal charges brought against them are hesitant to take action due to the widespread belief that criminal defense attorneys act immorally while doing their jobs.

Criminal defense attorneys have gotten a bad rap due because of how they are portrayed in the media. However, many defense lawyers are well educated and work in accordance with the law to get the best possible outcomes for their clients.

Because of all these misconceptions, many assume that public defenders – who are appointed to anyone who can’t afford legal counsel – are as capable as criminal defense attorneys.

Due to bottlenecks in the criminal justice system, public defenders are often overworked and overloaded with cases, meaning that they can’t always focus a lot of time and energy to your case.

I added that unlike public defenders, the law offices of criminal defense attorneys often have more resources at their disposal to build a solid defense.

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Edward La Rue

Attorney Edward R. La Rue is a compassionate and dedicated litigator who provides criminal defense for good people in Cleveland. He puts his extensive experience to work in difficult cases involving cutting edge technology and the most complex legal issues at the forefront of criminal law.

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