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Mistakes To Avoid If Your Teen Is Facing Drug Charges

Edited by Edward La Rue

In an interview featured on some of the FOX networks I revealed mistakes to avoid if your teen is facing drug charges.

Many parents are justifiably overwhelmed after learning that their underage child has been charged with drug use or drug possession. Here are a couple of common pitfalls to avoid if you and your family are about to take on the juvenile criminal system.

The first common mistake is speaking to law enforcement without legal representation present.

One of the biggest errors that many – particularly minors – make is speaking to police officers alone and without a lawyer in the room. Just remember that minors who are taken into custody have the right to a legal representation during a law enforcement interrogation.

I added that without an attorney, a teen might accidentally incriminate themselves by making false statements, which could potentially derail a robust and strategic defense case.

Selecting the right attorney is just as important as ensuring their presence in the interrogation room.

The juvenile justice system is an entirely different animal from the adult justice system, meaning that you should hire an attorney who can expertly move through the juvenile justice system.

The best thing to do is to hire an attorney who has a proven high success rate in similar cases.

Although parents are likely to be distressed and hastily choose the first attorney they come across to help with their teenager’s drug charge, it’s worth it to slow down to hire legal representation with relevant experience. Make sure to ask for a potential lawyer’s track record with cases similar to that of your child’s.

While it might take you longer to find someone in the beginning, the results will save your family much more in the way of negative consequences in the long run.

If your teenage child has been charged with a drug offense, then speak with qualified professionals immediately about the best way forward to increase the chances that your child will receive a positive outcome and maintain a clean record.

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