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Highlights Of Cleveland’s Growing Drug Problem

Edited by Edward La Rue

In a recent article, Recovery Village Columbus highlighted the fact that the City of Cleveland has a significant drug problem. (https://www.columbusrecoverycenter.com)

When asked to comment in an interview featured on some of the FOX networks, I said, it’s hard to keep up with the different types of drugs being used in Cleveland. These range from opioids such as heroin and prescription opioids to crack cocaine and powdered cocaine, marijuana, sedative-hypnotics, synthetic marijuana, meth, and PCP.

This increase in drug usage has been met with more overdoses, leaving the city of Cleveland battling with an increased rate of overdose deaths.

Drug overdoses in Cleveland’s Cuyahoga County alone have doubled in the past three years. Just between 2016 and 2017, there was a 16% increase in overdose deaths in Cuyahoga, with fentanyl being the main culprit, La Rue said.

According to the article, heroin is being increasingly cut and sold with other drugs, such as fentanyl or carfentanil, giving users a stronger higher and increasing the likelihood of an overdose.

When asked about how drug use is being combated by the prosecuting authorities I said the judicial system is overwhelmed and is handing out harsher sentences to stem Cleveland’s drug problem before it becomes an epidemic.

If you’re facing a drug charge it s essential that you contact an experienced drug attorney who can successfully contest your charge and ensure you get the help you need.

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